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Tiantangzhai Ten Bowls
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    Tiangtangzhai Ten Bowls are related to the festive banquet of local people. There are ten courses served in a strict order, namely, egg, fish, dumpling, rock ear hock, peanut jujube meat, eggplant pancakes, river fish, preserved meat, bean curd sheets, and bouilli. The local banquet has different grades so the costs rank between 500 yuan and 800 yuan.

   The greatest feature of Tiantangzhai’s catering industry is the farmers’ festive banquets such as weddings and completion of houses. On the celebrating day, the host will light two red candles on the grand candlesticks and place one or two old-fashioned square tables with one bench on every side for eight or more guests in the central room. Guests take seats one after another according to their status and age.

   It is worth noting that the host will play fireworks and make a few polite remarks when the dumpling is served. Guests enjoy the delicious food and wine to their heart content while chatting or playing liquor-related tricks.    

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