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Tiantangzhai Hanging Pot Banquet
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    In the Tiantangzhai Scenic Spot, many farmers have dug a round hole in a corner of the house, measuring 50 cm to 70 cm wide and 30 cm deep, over which is dangling a steal pot or copper kettle hanging down from the sliding rod on the major beam of the roof. The height of the pot can be adjustable as will. It is often used in cold winters as family members and guests can enjoy the warmth from the fire as well as the steaming food and homemade wine. The folks often hold sticks on the right hand, a bowl on the left palm and a cup between the left ring finger and forefinger instead of laying them on a table. To get food from the pot may cost outsiders great efforts as the pot may swing from side to side.

    The hanging pot banquet is becoming more and more popular with the growth of tourism industry in the region. It is not only a fashionable way of catering and consumption, but is a vehicle of Chinese culture.

    The steaming food from the dangling pot irradiates warmth and intimacy; the round pot means reunion; the dishes are boiled in soup, indicating the power of water; the diversified raw materials express a sense of inclusiveness and penetration. What is more important, the dangling pot vividly represents the deep meaning of sharing the food from the same pot.      

    It brings visitors back to the primitive times when young people went out to hunt for food while the old and the weak waited and cooked for them at home. At night, they enjoyed the reunion and food together at the fire side.

    The dangling pot is designed for a group of people rather than a single person. The way of sharing food creates more closeness and understanding between friends and family members.

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