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Tiantangzhai International Holiday Villa
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    Tiantangzhai International Holiday Villa is situated in Tiantangzhai National Forest Park Scenic Spot of Anhui Province, and it is a 4-star hotel, A-level hygiene hotel.  The Villa is a four-star tourist resort, which covers about 30 acres, whose building area is ​​approximately 9000 square meters, with a total investment of 50 million yuan. Relying on forest area, the Villa consists of reception service area, ancient garden area, rare bonsai area, and waterfall-spring rest area, with an exuberant growth of trees and bamboos around the villa. With winding streams surrounded; it boasts of fresh air and beautiful environment.The Villa has complete facilities and an elegant taste. Having various types of high-grade guest rooms, standard suites, it is a whole set of restaurants, entertainment, bathing, sauna, all in one.


    Add: Tiantangzhai National Forest Park Scenic Spot of Anhui Province

    Tel: 0564-7528181、0564-7528182

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