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Mazongling Scenic Spot
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Mazongling Scenic Spot

    Founded in 1958, Mazongling Forest Farm became a national nature protection area in 1998 and was rated a 3A-level scenic spot in 2012. The resort covering 48 square kilometers in the southwestern part of Jinzhai County has a forest coverage of 95.9 percent, 1,576 kinds of higher plants and 185 varieties of animals, of which 42 are valuable species. The highest peak reaches 1,671 meters while the scenic entrance is at an altitude of more than 600 meters.

   The scenic spot has a moderate climate with the annual average temperature at 13.3 degrees centigrade, four distinctive seasons, abundant rainfall, and adequate sunshine. There are about 70 interesting sites including Jiguanzhai, Yuntai Mountain, Maoding Mountain, Mahong Waterfall, Juerchi, Shengguajian, Crucian Back. In addition, it is also famous for Buddhist culture like Shifu Temple, Putuo Cliff, Guanyin Cave.

   Mazongling is an ideal choice for hunting, scientific exploration, expedition, and sight-seeing.







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