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Yanzihe Grand Canyon Scenic Spot
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Yanzihe Grand Canyon Scenic Spot

    The Yanzihe Grand Canyon Scenic Spot is located in Yanzihe Town of Jinzhai County and linked with the Tiantangzhai Scenic Spot. It has a total length of about 4,800 meters and the deepest part stands at about 218 meters. The highest and lowest summits of the river valley are at an elevation of 568 meters and 350 meters each. As one part of the Dabie Mountain Geological Park, the Canyon has four distinctive seasons and a moderate subtropical humid monsoon climate. In spring and summer, birds’ singings are echoing in the valley and its air is permeated with flowers’ fragrances. Visitors can feast their eyes on the green mountains, crystal streams and colorful flowers. In autumn, the yellow and red leaves dye the forest a more vivid color, while the valley is clad in the silver white of winter snow and hibernates for the next spring.

    The annual precipitation,humidity, and average temperature are at 2,200 millimeters, 85 percent and 12.6 degrees centigrade respectively, which is an ideal environment for plants and animals. It is called the species gene bank of eastern China as it owns 1,881 varieties of botany and offers habitat to 185 vertebrates. Some of them are protected rare plants like dog bone holly and rhododendron fortunei.


    The Canyon is popular for its “Four Wonders” and “Five Funny Sites”, which were left behind by the glacier movement. Tiankeng, a pit of 166.67metres deep and 66.67 meters wide, is one of the four wonders. The rest three wonders are the 180-meter waterfall “Ninth-Heaven Fairy Waterfall”, “Fairy Cave” and “Wish Willow”. The “Five Funny Sites” are the grotesque stones, crystal pools, eight-diagram beach, Wangqing Valley and winding passes.

    The secluded valley preserves the ecological system perfectly, which is able to absorb 15.8 million kilos of carbon dioxide, 700,000 kilos of sulfur dioxide, and 6,000 metric tons of dust, and reduce the suspended particles of the air by 80 percent, according to date from authoritative testing centers. The data also shows the aeroanion concentration ranks from 200,000 per cubic centimeter to 206,800 per cubic centimeter, far higher than that of ordinary cities. Thus it is a superb “Natural Oxygen Bar”.

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