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Meishan Reservoir Scenic Spot
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Meishan Reservoir Scenic Spot

   Meishan Reservoir, as the upper reaches of Shi River, is situated in the southern part of Meishan Town of Jinzhai County. It is a key hydraulic project of Huai River as well as a 4A-level scenic spot. The reservoir owns an 88.24-meter-high and 443.5-meter-long multi-arch dam, which was the highest one in the world in the 1950s and was designed and completed by Chinese people. The reservoir has a total storage of 2.337 billion cubic meters and a drainage area of 1,970 square kilometers, representing 28.6 percent of the total drainage area of Shi River (6,880 square kilometers).

   The large hydraulic project serves as many purposes including flood prevention, irrigation, electricity generation, shipping, aquaculture and tourism. Recently, Snake Island, Bird Island, Fish Island, and Folk Customs Village have been developed and added to the scenic spot. Besides the natural scenery, the place is also a wildlife garden for rare animals such as porcupines, wild goats, pheasants, badgers, and giant salamanders as well as precious plants and herbs like wild gastrodia tuber, polygonum multiflorum, kiwi fruit, Dabie Mountain azalea, and orchid.

    There are many places of interest along the banks of Meishan Reservoir: Swan Island, Xiangshan Old Temple, Jingangtai, Shuanghe Temple, Zhou Zupei Tomb, to name only a few of them.




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